Can you sit easily on the floor with your legs crossed?

Event Ready Bodies for Blokes gives you the antidotes for four movement patterns that allow you move better for work, sport and everyday life.


Example one:

As we get older we lose the ability to rotate our knees and hips in ways we used to and whether or not you can sit cross legged is an easy way to tell how well yours function.


Good rotation of these joints will allow you to do every day activities like:

climbing in and out of the vehicle

walking on downhill slopes

backing a vehicle

working above your head

gripping and using tools

Equally as important, it will increase your comfort of your lower back and allow you to move well year after year.

With targeted exercise, done regularly, you can significantly improve your ability to rotate your hips and knees and improve your physical capability.

Yes, teach me this and three other movements patterns like this AND their antidotes!


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