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Getting in shape isn't easy when life is busy and full of distractions but with Event Ready Bodies you can make it happen, no matter what you have going on!


How do you get in shape and transform your body?


By far the best way to gain the body you want is to enter a sports event. The date and the sense of achievement makes crafting your best body both an inevitable outcome AND an enjoyable experience. Event Ready Bodies is the proven process to initiate your new goal safely with maximum enjoyment and lasting benefits to your health.


A monthly subscription with a minimum six month commitment, starting with three easy sports performance concepts. Each giving you the tools and strategy you need to keep your body in shape. From training, finding the right event, handy extras like what to eat, home workouts and recovery tips, Event Ready Bodies is tailored to you.


And the best bit? As well as the programme, you get one to one time with qualified sports therapists who can answer your questions and show you exactly how to train and achieve each step. It's an amazing, personal and motivating experience where you get all the help you need to gain an Event Ready Body. 

Along the way we can introduce to new events, other like minded people doing the events you do and surround you with the fraternity and the knowledge you need to maximize your event experience. This, combined with all your training on one handy app, supports your new Event Ready Body lifestyle.


Come join the Event Ready Movement, have a fantastic experience and improve your health every step of the way!

So How does it Work

Step1: Subscribe online.

It's as easy as entering your details and making a one off payment of $149 per month for six months...


 The cost of a coffee per day!

Step 2: You'll receive a welcome email


This will contain a link to hook up to the app and schedule your first assessment in a clinic near you.


Simply follow the prompts and you'll be good to go.

Step 3: Get Started!

You can begin your Event Ready Bodies programme straight away. 


Have an online chat with your sports therapist about your start point so you can make easy, methodical steps to get your Event Ready Body!

Step 4: Book your online appointments with your sports therapist

Discuss your training, schedule your next assessment, move up to the next level of training = progress = improvement

Your Event Ready Body is in action!


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