Event Ready Bodies founder, Barbara Kelly, has worked with people in the clinic setting for over 20 years and understands the power of a sports event to change your life.


She has witnessed profound change among many people actively engaged in sports events. From physical success and from the sustained health benefits you get from exercise, like

  • healthy weight management

  • improved muscle tone

  • joint function


to life changing benefits, like

  • more confidence

  • renewed self identity

  • new positive friendships

  • travel adventures

  • improved emotional resilience

  • income changes

Her conclusion:


The method that by far


for health benefits and life benefits

is regular participation in sports events.

The magic happens when you enter a sports event.

 Your focus moves, from your limited past, to the unlimited potential of your future performance.

Already doing a sports event...


We LOVE your mindset!

If you're about to start, then you're in the right place...

Whether you’ve done multiple events or are an absolute beginner, your body changes over a lifetime and how this impacts your life matters. Event Ready Bodies connects you with the information and skills you need to ensure LONG-TERM participation so you can build your best body and best life ever!


By signing up for a sports event you mark an "improved by" date on the calendar.

Clubs, Coaches, Schools and Event Organizers

Event Ready Bodies is having a positive effect for many sports event participants, empowering them to greater levels of personal achievement and new sports events.

The feedback we are getting is encouraging. People see Event Ready Bodies as a tool that grows not only their physical capability, it benefits them long term for life.

Traditionally, training for an event has been structured largely with an event to event mindset. The long term proposition of training a changing body for life, has not been taught explicitly. However, more and more clubs,coaches and schools around NZ, are wrapping ERB around their athletes, as a way to protect and prepare them for the next stage in their performance.

That means ERB is fast becoming a significant tool for both athletes and coaches and sports event organizers around the country.

Barbara Kelly

Ever since Barbara has been helping people recover from their sports events she has been passionate about training preparation.

Barbara has devoted hours and hours, honing her skills and gaining knowledge and tools, all with the goal of helping people improve their physical performance not just for their next event but for life time performance.

She's created Event Ready Bodies with a dedicated team of qualified sports scientists to bridge the gap between event training and successful long term body maintenance.


The Event Ready Bodies team have skill sets in performance, fitness, conditioning, mental skills, nutrition, remedial care and these all contribute to the providing each Event Ready Bodies participant  an efficient, effective and holistic training plan.

Barbara says "the process connects people with their body at a whole new level. They become confident with each decision they need to make and each decision is part of a greater plan. It's so much more than just activity alone."

To speak with a qualified sports therapist and learn about how Event Ready Bodies may help your body, click the link below. 


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